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Google Chrome is a powerful tool for browsing.  Did you know you can super charge your browsing experience by adding these extensions and add-ons to your Google Chrome Browser? Browse the Chrome Web Store at or use the table below to find tools for editing, productivity, and curating information! 
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Name URLTypeFor...Description
Autocrat Click Here AddOn Google Sheets This add on for sheets allows you to merge Sheet data with a Google Doc. Great for Mail Merges 
Beeline Reader Click Here Extension Chrome Reloads page with gradient font at each line to allow for faster reading. Great for students with reading problems. 
CaptureCast Chrome Click Here Extension Chrome Free Screen Recorder that allows you to capture screen content and upload to YouTube, Vimeo, Etc.... 
ColorZilla Click Here Extension Chrome This extension allows you to pick a color from anything on your screen and get the RGB values for the color so you can use them in Photoshop or any other program. More useful than you would know! 
Crafty Text Click Here Extension Chrome allows users to display large text on a banner over an existing webpage. great for presentations 
Draftback Click Here AddOn Google Docs Allows users to playback the revision history of a document. Sort of like watching the document be created all over again. Great as a plagiarism checker, as you can see large pieces of text dropped in at once instead of being typed.... 
EasyBib Click Here AddOn Google Docs This add on for Google Docs allows users to search for and add citations to their documents - in MLA, Chicago, APA and more.... 
Flubaroo Click Here AddOn Google Sheets This add on for a Google Form Response Sheet allows you to grade assessments automatically as they are submitted, and inform students of their grade and responses. Great timesaver for teachers. 
Merge Values Click Here AddOn Google Sheets This add on for sheets allows you to merge values in a google sheet. Great when paired with Power Tools. 
OneTab Click Here Extension Chrome Reduces tabs on your browser down to a list on one tab. Tab can be shared with others using a link. Great way to share a list of links with students. 
Pocket Click Here App Chrome This app allows you to save and archive websites/articles for viewing later. You can use your Google Account to set up your Pocket account. Great for those times that you simply can't read every article or site that you run across. Just pocket it for later. 
Power Tools Click Here AddOn Google Sheets This add on allows Sheets users to perform many of the functions found in Excel, including capitalization, split (text to columns), data merge, etc... 
Save to Pocket Click Here Extension Chrome This extension for Chrome allows you to Save articles and sites to your Pocket Account directly from your browser. 
Site Maestro Click Here AddOn Google Sheets This add on for Google Sheets allows you to create and manage ePortfolio sites for students using a Google Site template you have previously created. This description will not do justice to the actual add on - you have to watch the video tutorial to see how powerful this tool is! 
SnagIt Click Here Extension Chrome This chrome extension from TechSmith allows you to capture images and screencasts from your browser and save them in Google Drive. Great screencast and image tool! 
Socrative Click Here App Chrome This student response app allows teachers to create, edit and deploy assessments. Students can respond on any web connected mobile device or computere. And its FREE! 
Tab Resize Click Here Extension Chrome Need to view two tabs side by side? Tired of having to reduce/restore and resize on your own? Let this extension do the work for you. Love it! 
TeacherCal Click Here AddOn Google Classroom Soon to be integrated with Google Classroom, this app allows teachers to plan their class calendar by integrating Google Drive documents! Must see. Get in on the action early! 
Showing 18 items