Google Play for Education

Google created Google Play for Education just for teachers and students! It is similar to the Google Play store, but has content specifically for teachers and students. A curated set of content is available in Google Play for Education, categorized by subject and grade level

There are educational apps for Android (tablets) and Chrome, as well as books and videos that relate to daily instruction. This means teachers can find apps for either tablets or the Chromebook! There is a wide selection of current and classic fiction and non-fiction books in Google Play for Education.  There is also a growing list of video content with videos for all subjects and grade levels.

Apps that show up when browsing in Google Play for Education have been reviewed by educators for classroom value. These apps can be easily identified by the EDU badge:  Once you click on an app, you may see a few more badges that provide information about the app:

Working in the Google Play for Education Store

Teachers are able to easily find, purchase, and manage the apps on the devices. Use the information below to help you expertly find and push apps to your students.
  • When you share an Android app with students, it will appear on their home screen or in your Apps Drawer (the 2x3 grid in the bottom center of the screen). 
  • When sharing a Chrome app, the shortcut will appear in the apps grid (the 3x3 colored grid at the bottom left of the Chromebook screen)
  • Chrome Apps will also appear on any device (laptop, desktop) when you are logged in to Chrome with your district Google account. Click Here to learn how to Sign In to Google Chrome