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Chromebook Grants

posted Jul 15, 2015, 5:28 AM by Shawn Beard
Making the move toward being a Google Apps for Education school is one of the best things I think has happened to our district in a long time.  We now have the ability to communicate and collaborate as teachers, create online learning opportunities for our kids, and connect with content in ways we never would have imagined 5 years ago.  While making this transition has been a long one - which we are still in the process of doing - it has also created questions.  One big question many districts have relates to connectivity.  While we are providing the infrastructure and WiFi signal necessary to allow our kids to connect with Google Apps, many of our students do not have the devices necessary to connect.  And, while a trip to the library or computer lab will work, it is just not feasible for a building with 1200+ students.  So how do we get devices in the hands of our students on a limited budget?

This question popped in my head this morning as I was responding to discussion threads on my Grant Writing class.  In that work, I ran across a Grant list from Google. This resource provides a list of Grant Newsletters, Foundations, and Individual Grant Sources to help schools toward implementing a 1:1 or Chromebook initiative.  Here is the link to that resource.  Hopefully it helps some of you.  This list was posted recently, so the information should be up to date: