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Collecting Student Information via Google Forms

posted Aug 18, 2015, 5:14 AM by Shawn Beard
At the beginning of the year, teachers often need to collect student information for many purposes.  As we grow to integrate more digital tools in the classroom, one valuable piece is student and parent email addresses.  When it comes to sharing documents, calendars, newsletters, and homework with students and parents, those email addresses can become cumbersome to enter into the "To:" line of an email or the Share line of a Google Doc.  There are a few solutions:

  • Google Groups
  • Google Forms

Google Groups - One way to solve this issue is to use Google Groups.  At, users can add the email addresses of a group and simplify the list down to a common group email address.  However, when it comes to adding students in places like Google Classroom or in situations like domain sharing on Google Calendar, an email address from the same school domain is required.

Google Forms - An optional solution is to use a Google Form at the beginning of the school year.  Teachers can use this form to ask questions about student interests, hobbies, favorite subjects, etc..., while also gathering email addresses.  In a GAFE (Google Apps for Education) district, the top option on a Google Form allows you to gather usernames from respondents.  Then, using the response sheet from this survey, teachers now have a list of email addresses that they can copy as a list and paste into any shared document, list, or calendar.

Watch this video to learn the basics of creating a Google Form -

Try it this year....