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Google Classroom - Now with Calendar Integration!

posted Sep 24, 2015, 7:31 PM by Shawn Beard
The time has finally arrived.  Starting today, Google Classroom now has Calendar integration.  With every assignment or announcement you post in Google Classroom, an event will be posted on a corresponding calendar.  This means that your students will have an easier time keeping up with assignments posted in the stream, as they will appear in date order on the Calendar.  To view the calendar for your classroom, go to, click on the menu at the top left, and choose Calendar. 

Your class calendar will also appear on as new posts are added to your stream.  The plus side to this is that you can make your calendar available to parents who would normally not be able to see assignment postings due to the inability to login to classroom.  Just go to the Sharing Settings on your Class Calendar and set it to Public.  Then post your calendar on your classroom Google Site so parents can view upcoming assignments.  Just one more way to keep students accountable and parents in the know!