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Google Forms - Choose Your Own Adventure

posted Aug 3, 2015, 8:18 PM by Shawn Beard   [ updated Aug 3, 2015, 8:23 PM ]
Google Forms and the Flubaroo AddOn for Google Sheets radically changed the face of assessments. There's nothing like having a self-grading quiz or test. But if you've ever needed to create a lesson with a check for understanding that requires students to master a question or topic before moving on, you're missing one of the best features of Google Forms. 

Try this!  Next time you create a lesson, make a Google Form and place any images, video, or text in your form prior to your question.   (TIP:  Bulleted Text or lists can be added by creating an image of the text in Google Drawings) Start by choosing a Multiple choice question to check for understanding of your topic.  After writing the question, Insert a Page Break.  

The new page will serve as a place for your next topic.  Give it a title and add any new content for the next topic.  

Next you will set up your question so that if a student answers correctly, they will move on to page 2 or stay on the current topic if they answer incorrectly.  To to this,  click on your multiple choice question to edit it.  Look for the "Go To Page Based On Answer" box next to the Multiple Choice Question Type.  Place a check in the box.  For each of your answers, choose whether to move to the next page (reward for correct answer), or stay on the current page (reteaching due to wrong answer).  Once finished, click Done.

Repeat this process for all sections of your lesson.  Content, Question, Page Break for New Topic...Content, Question, Page Break for New Topic...

As students move through your lesson, they are required to answer questions correctly about the lesson they just learned, before moving on!  This becomes a great option for a flipped classroom!