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Google Keep for iOS Users!

posted Sep 28, 2015, 6:39 PM by Shawn Beard
What do iPhone users and list-makers have in common?  Well if you are part of this set, then you've been waiting a while for the release of Google Keep for iPad and iPhone.  Now the waiting is over!  

While Apple users had to fumble around with third party apps to use the note-taking power of Keep on their device, Android and Chrome users were able to use the real deal.  But as of Sept 24th, Google released the iOS app for Google Keep and it looks good!  

Users will benefit from the full functionality of Google Keep, meaning that they will be able to sync their notes between devices and browsers, with several added bonuses.  For instance, while users can use Google Voice Search online ("OK, Google!"), you can now use your mobile device's microphone to dictate lists and reminders directly into the Keep app.  Plus, don't forget that there are several added bonuses that make this list and reminder tool beneficial, such as the ability to sharecollaborate (yes, multiple people using the same list in real-time),  label, and categorize notes.  You can also set location reminders and alarms to remind you or important items on your lists.

If have haven't seen Google Keep and the power it has over keeping scrawled notes and lists on paper, then check out this article to learn more.