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Re-Use Posts in Google Classroom

posted Oct 5, 2015, 10:21 AM by Shawn Beard
One of the best features in the last Google Classroom update is Re-Use Post.  With this feature, you can use any post from any class and re-post it anywhere in Google Classroom.  The advantage is that you can use Re-Use post if you have forgotten to post an announcement or assignment in Multiple Classes.  

One specific instance of how this feature can be used is in the case of Pre-Tests and Post-Tests.  By setting up a Google Form, you can post the test once as a Pre-Test, and then re-post again later as a Post-Test.  Since the Google Form Response Sheet captures the time and date of the attempt, you'll know when they attempted the form as a Pre- or Post-Test.

Take a peek at this feature here...Re-Use Post