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Top 10 Chrome Apps for Teachers

posted Aug 22, 2015, 10:47 AM by Shawn Beard   [ updated Aug 22, 2015, 10:48 AM ]
One of the best things about Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is that your Google Account is a single sign on for Apps, Drive, Gmail, YouTube, Google+... this list goes on.  But did you know that there are many third party services available as apps in the Chrome Web Store that let you use your GAFE account to create an account and sign in to their services in one click?  

With that, there are many apps that serve as great tools for the classroom.  Here is my top ten list of Chrome Apps for Teachers.  Read to the end to make sure you don't miss out on some of the best apps out there... or at least the best in my opinion.  

1.  Socrative 

You'll want to add both the Teacher and Student app for this one, just to play around with it.  This app allows teachers to create, manage, and deploy quizzes in the classroom.  Students can respond to your quiz with any mobile device or computer - without the need to login.  But if they are logged in to their GAFE account, they can use the Student app to join your classroom and respond, saving them the step of adding their name.  Once you complete a quiz,  your results are saved and can be downloaded as a Google Sheet that is added to your Drive Account.  How great is that?

2.  The QR Code Generator 

For teachers that like to create and use QR Codes for book trailers, quizzes, scavenger hunts, or any number of activities, this app is handy.  The QR Code Generator lets you create, customize, and download QR Codes and save them to your account.  Best of all, you also have the ability to scan QR codes.  As long as you have a webcam on your computer or mobile device, you can scan any code and go directly to its link.  

3.  WeVideo 

This app allows you to upload videos for editing.  This tool is great for teachers who want to edit and publish their own videos for YouTube or classroom use.  Plus, WeVideo also has classroom licensing for teachers who want to use WeVideo for classroom projects.  Plus, when you sign in using your GAFE account, WeVideo creates a folder in Google Drive to store all of your video creations.

4.  CK-12

CK-12 has been in the business of developing free online textbooks for years.  Now you can use your GAFE account to sign in to their services, allowing students to use digital textbooks on their mobile devices.  Best of all, a recent update to CK-12 allows teachers to publish interactive material from CK-12 in their Google Classroom Stream, making this tool a game changer!  Students can download digital copies in PDF, mobi, and ePub.  Each book comes with Rubrics, mind maps, quizzes, lesson plans, and interactives.  Titles are available for Math, Science, Test Prep, and now there is a growing library of English titles.

5.  Newsela

This news source tool is a great addition to any classroom, as it can be used for current events, bell ringer activities, writing prompts, or grammar analysis.  Plus, articles can be scaled to your student's reading level using the toolbar on the right side of the page.  Teachers and students can also use the quiz tool to test for reading comprehension.  Teachers can save articles to a binder, create assignments, and track student progress.  There's also a button for translating to Spanish for your ELL/ESL kids.  Also a great tool for Special Ed teachers.

6.  PearDeck

PearDeck is a tool that allows users to create interactive flash cards for classroom use.  But these are your standard flash cards.  PearDecks can be used as an assessment tool, as users can add images, questions, and clip art to their deck.  Best of all, your decks live in your Google Drive account and can be easily integrated into Google Classroom.

7.  Biodigital Human

For science teachers with a limited budget, it is hard to find inexpensive models and charts for Human Anatomy.  Plus, the textbooks don't always provide the best visuals for teaching about different human systems.  For this, there is Biodigital Human.  This tool is an interactive library of 3D images that can be used to search, browse, and view systems, layer by layer.  Teachers can use the free editing tools to modify images for use in the classroom, while have ing the added benefit of annotating and taking screenshots for use in presentations.

8.  GeoGebra

This tool allows teachers to instruct students on the real-life dynamics of math.  By using interactive tools, teachers can use GeoGebra for everything from Algebra to Calculus and Statistics to Spreadsheets.  

9.  IXL Math Practice

IXL provides math practice for grades K-12 through rich interactive content.  There are over 4000 standards addressed through IXL, allowing both students and teachers to benefit from use.  

10.  Zaption

For all the Flipped Classroom teachers out there,  Zaption is a tool that allows users to add quiz/comprehension questions to any video on the web.  Nuff said, right?  Well, there is more than that.  Your Zaption video lesson can have zoom and pan options, drawing options, as well as tips and questions along the way, making your video lesson a total interactive experience.  View their video here.