Working with Chromebooks

Why Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are a mobile device similar to a laptop that allow users to login using their Google Account.  Once logged in, users are  connected to their documents in Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings and more). With a few simple steps, images and videos can be uploaded to Google Drive. 
Users have access to Gmail as well, allowing them to communicate with others.  In a school setting, students and teachers can use district approved apps from the Chrome Web Store and Google Play for Education, such as Quizlet, Socrative, and a long list of others.  Apps for commonly used programs like WeVideo work as well! In order for students to access apps, teachers simply 'push' apps to student accounts similar to how they share a Google doc. 


Accessing Apps from a Chromebook

To access your apps, just click on the App Launcher Icon in the lower left of your Chromebook Screen.  
Apps open as a new tab in your Chrome Browser.

     Accessing Apps on the Chrome Browser

To access your apps on the Chrome Browser of a desktop computer, use the Apps Icon located in the Chrome Browser at the top left.  

When you are off campus or are working on a device other than a Chromebook, you can still take all of your files, apps and extensions with you.  Just sign in to the Google Chrome Browser.  Watch the video below to see the benefits of signing in to Google Chrome or click Here to learn how to Sign In to Google Chrome

YouTube Video

Adding Apps, Extensions and Themes to your Chrome Browser

YouTube Video

To add apps, make sure you are logged in to Chrome with your Google Account and go to 
With Chrome, you have the ability to add apps (productivity, document creation, games) to your account, as well as extensions that make your life easier.